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Behind every great mum is a tribe of other great mums who have her back.

The journey to becoming a mum wasn't exactly easy for me. Like many, my entry into parenthood required some assistance and a heartfelt leap of hope. But miraculously, my beautiful bundle of joy arrived. She was precious, perfect, and filled my heart with love BUT I soon learnt how tough motherhood can be. The early postpartum recovery, those endless nights and learning to breastfeed the first few months into motherhood are a challenge for all of us. While I learnt how to be a new mum I was prompted to search for tips, tricks, and tools for making mum life as easy as possible.


Through my journey, I have uncovered some amazing, sustainable breastfeeding products, cleverly designed clothing options and self care must haves that tremendously improved my experience and helped make mum life that little bit easier. Sharing them with other ladies was a no-brainer. I absolutely adore the ease and comfort found from our array of convertible wardrobe solutions- but the best part about Milky Life is our emphasis on a unified maternal experience. As a mother, I am delighted to not only provide support and empowerment to women throughout the various stages of maternity, but create a safe, fun online space for women to celebrate their victories (think having the energy to stay up past bedtime for a Netflix binge) and vent about their stresses (like the inexplicably multiplying messes taking over their homes).  

So, what do you say? Do you have room in your life for a few more fabulously dressed, fun ladies with a sincere desire to enjoy the milky life? If so, join us on Facebook and Instagram for a fun perspective on motherhood! We are a mum-friendly brand, always looking to add another member to our Mum Tribe.


Emma Knigge

Owner & Fellow Milky Mum